Splash's sire is Lilac Buckeyes Az Ricochet - Dam is blue Merle Bullmasters Princess Paisley


Splash is a loving handsome sweetheart and we are blessed to have him in our family of bulldogges, he is a mugsy grandson and we adore him, he has a sweet gentle soul with a huge love of everyone, Splash has never met anyone he did not love, he is fun and healthy he can run swim and endure all temperatures, he is a free breeder and loves the ladies, he has had some gorgeous puppies and we are breeding him to brownie for a April litter. His dad is a lilac and his mom is mugsys daughter. He carries blue, chocolate and tri genes as well as Merle, he throws beautiful gorgeous puppies.

Splash throws exceptionally nice built bully pups however with splash it seems the dam determine the size, so we have decided to breed him to our biggest female brownie, she is being bred to splash at this time and pups will arrive in 60 days, we are very excited to see his great personality, color and her size what amazing big pups will be produced, Brownie has always thrown big boys and girls. So with the color genes of Splash and his sire being lilac as well as a big boy, this should be one of our best breeding yet. Deposits are now open .


blue merle olde english bulldogge male stud  
blue merle olde english bulldogge male stud

blue merle olde english bulldogge stud male
blue merle olde english bulldogge stud  
blue merle olde english bulldogge male  

Splash's pups he has produced below

blue merle tri olde english with blue eyes

splash x boogie b

spash x boogie b (photo above)

splash sired this litter, we did not own dam, she is a black tri, gwedo is our lilac pick from this litter

lilac olde english bulldogge male 

 Splash x Lulu   - lilac olde English bulldogge male pup 8 months old

daughter Dolly girl  - splash x fredie mac