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FOR SALE shorty- Olde English bulldogge male registered IOEBA 1year  4 months old - he looks very English is small like an  English  very bully very short about 15.5 inches tall weighs 60 pounds pure muscle, super sweet to all dogs and loves  loves kids and people but hates our male splash.. he is a black merle. house trained but has accidents if not let out often, Spay and neuter contract for a great PET ONLY price home.. . he was a puppy we took in on our trade back and should be kept in doors in real hot hot days and extremely cold days, he can be out side to play in summer months and winter but not to stay.. if he got along with splash we would not let him go , he is a pet and a wonderful happy loving lil guy but stubborn , he is very funny and has  a good personality, he is a great pet for family..

merle olde english bulldogge malemerle olde english bulldogge male blue merle olde english bulldogge male   merle olde english bulldog male